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Multipliers Gathering

1st – 8th Sept 2017,  Middle East 

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is a global network

focused on multiplying

disciples of Jesus

from Zero to Thousands


 As a global network of YWAM personnel and their partners, we are focused on launching movements of new followers of Jesus, otherwise known as Disciple Making Movements. Check out the video.

More about Multipliers

Located on all continents, Multipliers teams love to work along side field-based individuals and teams.

Our trainers and coaches are experienced field workers who have been trained by their own failures, seasons of fruitfulness and the mentoring of others.

We train using short modules called Harvest Multiplication Training (HMT) and provide specialised follow-up coaching to empower people to make Disciple-Makers in the harvest, not just make disciples.

By working in this way and relying on God’s Holy Spirit, we’re seeing great stories of harvest multiplication* emerge – Disciple Making Movements.

*particularly among unreached peoples and in Omega Zones of the world. Omega Zone is a term used by Ywam to delineate a smaller division among a larger population group

Veeval tells us how Multipliers have helped him see more than 5,000 people follow Christ in an Unreached area.

Develop a HEALTHY DISREGARD for the seemingly impossible.

Our Goal is to Train Disciples to be Disciple Makers

We introduce simple reproducible skills and approaches for harvest multiplication.

The Harvesters are in the Harvest.

We Aim to Launch Disciple Making Movements

A movement begins when disciples of Jesus reproduce rapidly through evangelism and disciple making, resulting in many generations of fellowships being established.

Six Proven Biblical Activities to Multiplication

  • Pray and Go
  • Spread Good News
  • Believe and Baptise
  • Disciple Disciple-Makers
  • Gather
  • Multiply Leaders

Small things done differently can trigger rapid and expansive multiplication.

Jonathan shares how the Harvest Multiplication Training (HMT) has helped him.

Multipliers will equip you with

Harvest Multiplication Training

The Harvest Multiplication Training (HMT) is short modular training, coaching and follow-up.

  • Our training is based on six interconnected biblical activities and skills that help trigger Jesus following movements.
  • HMT is a set of 3 key modules, each several days in length or a total of ten days, tailored to meet your context and schedule.
  • Receive specialised, periodic mentoring and coaching to keep you moving forward.
  • Learn how to find a few people, to reach the many.
  • HMT promotes patient investment with the right “biblical DNA” for reproduction. We train for results, and we offer no short cuts!
  • Learn skills to take you from zero to multiple generations of fellowships, a Disciple Making Movement.
  • A key tool to compliment other ministries such as mercy, development, etc.
  • HMT is led by field-experienced trainers and movement pioneers.

HMT is good for:

* Short-term outreach teams.
* Local long-term evangelism.
* Work among migrants or minorities.
* Reaching unreached people groups.
* Discipling Spheres of Society. 

Disciple Making Movements are a key agent in God’s larger plan to “make disciples of all nations”. Harvest Multiplication Training will equip you to get started towards seeing transformational movements emerge.

Training WHEN and WHERE  Training Format

Stories & Testimonies

Testimony from India

Veeval tells us how Multipliers have helped him see more than 5,000 people follow Christ in an Unreached area.

Testimony from Africa

Mark shares how the Harvest Multiplication Training (HMT) has helped him.

Dulce’s Testimony

“The HMT is very effective to build up your vision and to think “BIG”. It challenged me how to harvest...

Anne’s Testimony

“The HMT was one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended! It was a practical, hands-on, interactive time of envisioning...

Story from South East Asia

Sharief attended an intensive training run by a Multipliers team and continued in a regular coaching relationship. He heard case...

Testimony from Africa

Jonathan shares how the Harvest Multiplication Training (HMT) has helped him.

Story from Asia

Starting with two small existing fellowships that Veeval led, he received training from a Multipliers team. Now, a few years...


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