Maybe you feel intimidated to believe for hundreds, even thousands to come to Christ (harvest), because you think it really takes extraordinary people using massive effort and huge financial investments. Read more at Training Format.

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When Where Basic Info Cost
2-6 Oct 17 Cambodia HMT Module 1 tba
6-10 Nov 17 The Netherlands HMT Module 1 tba
4-8 Dec 17 Florida, USA HMT Module 1 $175 (inc. accommodation)
15-20 Jan 18 Central Asia HMT Module 1 tba
Feb 18 Switzerland HMT Module 1 tba
5-10 Feb 18 Cambodia HMT Module 1&2 tba
25-28 Mar 18 Philippines HMT Module 1 tba
7-11 May 18 Norway HMT Module 1 tba
Mid Jun 18 East Africa HMT Module 2 tba


Training Format