Donate To Multipliers Fund

“Only funding catalytic harvest activities”

Here’s Why

Training on-field trainers, Mentoring follow-up, together with Bible availability are proven high result activities. These sow seeds and skills for multiplication that can lead to significant disciple making movements.

MF is a way to develop indigenous workers and cheer them on, without creating unhealthy dependency.

We invite you to share in the joy of helping equip local workers.

Donate Online

To donate, you will be taken to the donate page of Australian Mercy, a not-for-profit company that Multiplier’s Fund is registered under.

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How Funds Are Used

  • 95%+ frontline field activities
  • 5% administration and other
  1. Resourcing key Trainers and Mentors by enabling them to travel and facilitate the gathering of others. This is done often in inhospitable, persecuted or difficult to access locations, where the Gospel is yet to take hold.
  2. Subsidizing Bibles And Discipleship Materials in various formats.

MF does not provide funding to recurring long-term “maintenance support” of projects.

Tracking Outcomes
Fruitfulness and Setbacks

The development and influence of Trainers, Mentors, and Bible availability can only be measured by fruitfulness on the field over time.

Therefore the outcomes of funded events or activities are tracked and evaluated, roughly over a 24 month period.

Setbacks or poor results are honestly assessed and unexpected good results celebrated. Lessons learned are noted and applied where possible.